Ships & warships, scale 1:72

Ships & warships, scale 1:72

Ships & warships, scale 1:72

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Polish coast guard motorboat BATORY...

paper model
scale 1:72

Built in 1932. Chased smugglers and guarded Polish fisheries against foreign cutters. During September 1939 patrolled territorial waters around Hel Peninsula and fought against aircraft. 1st October she, together with 16 people onboard found shelter in Sweden. Returned to Poland in 1945. Now - museum ship.

Price €7.92

French inland passenger barge ASTER...

paper model
scale 1:72 & 1:120

The very last wooden inland barge built in France. Now, she is a flagship of Musee la Batellerie in Saint-Jean-de-Losne.
There are two models in the set. One of them, scale 1:120, is dedicated for beginners.
Model at scale 1:72 is with full hull, while 1:120 scaled model is waterline only.

Price €9.90
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