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SOS Save Our Souls - special price...

3 paper models
scale 1:400

The set consist of three models of ships which were involved in Titanic disaster. Liner Titanic (JSC 82), liner Carpathia (JSC 415) and steamer Californian (JSC 417).
When buying the set, you save 25%.

Price €33.91

resin ventilator cowls for MAURETANIA...

scale 1:400
30 ventilator cowls made out of white, semi-transparent resin. The cowls might need some minor cleaning and have to be painted. This set is recommended for transatlantic liner, auxiliary cruiser or hospital ship versions.

Price €28.51

Dutch tanker CHEVRON NEDERLAND (JSC 301)

paper model
scale 1:250

Model with underwater body. Chevron Nederland is a classic tanker with bridge house in midship. Built in beginning of 60-ties, XX century was one of the biggest ship of her times.

Price €25.09
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