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German heavy cruiser ADMIRAL SCHEER...

paper model
scale 1:400

Admiral Scheer is well known because of her cruise against Allied merchants and supply lines. She took part in attack on HX 84 convoy when she sank auxillary cruiser HMS Jervis Bay.

Price €13.21

Admiralty yacht ENCHANTRESS (JSC 421)

paper model
scale 1:400

Ship of Bittern class. HMS Enchantress served in many diplomatic visits during the pre-war time period. The model can be built in three versions - you can choose between two armament and two livery schemes. The booklet contains a number of optional parts which improve the model's final appearance.

Price €7.92

Operation "Dynamo" - ships BASILISK,...

paper models kit
scale 1:400

Ships which took part in Dunkirk evacuation - known as operation „Dynamo” .
Codrington was an A-class destroyer leader. Basilisk was a B-class destroyer. Medway Queen was a pre-war paddle steamer rebuild as a minesweeper when the WWII broke. Medway Queen is well known as "Heroine of Dunkirk" - she saved ca. 7000 soldiers. Thuringia was an anti-submarine trawler.

Price €13.86

British sloop STARLING (JSC 419)

paper model
scale 1:400

Ship of Modified Black Swan class. Starling is well-known for sinking 14 U-boats during the war, the biggest number across all Royal Navy ships. The booklet contains a number of optional parts which improve the model's final appearance.

Price €6.93

SD14 general purpose ship IMME...

paper model
scale 1:400

Iconic SD14 general purpose ship known as “Liberty replacement ship”.

You can build one of seven different ships. Their masts, deckhouse configuration and livery vary.

Price €15.18

SOS Save Our Souls - special price...

3 paper models
scale 1:400

The set consist of three models of ships which were involved in Titanic disaster. Liner Titanic (JSC 82), liner Carpathia (JSC 415) and steamer Californian (JSC 417).
When buying the set, you save 25%.

Price €33.91
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